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“There are always going to be things you don’t like about yourself or reasons to compare yourself to others, but once you realize that you only get one you, it’s best to just love yourself.” (insp)

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Favorites Characters » Quinn Fabray

"When you truly believe in yourself, you don’t have to bring other people down."

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Every day is an opportunity to fall or hurt yourself. (x)

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The Quinn Fabray Alphabet [inspo (x)]

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I definitely wasn’t cool in high school. I really wasn’t. I did belong to many of the clubs and was in leadership on yearbook and did the musical theater route, so I had friends in all areas. But I certainly did not know what to wear, did not know how to do my hair, all those things.

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Naya Rivera + being the cutest cupcake when smiling with her tongue between her teeth. 

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Start me up! We’re halfway there..

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